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Wish (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

22 November 2023 Waygate was thrilled to master Disney's latest animated film soundtrack "Wish". Deluxe version includes 55 tracks of songs, orchestral score and instrumentals.          

Straight No Chaser – STOCKING STUFFER EP

3 November 2023 One of the best professional a cappella groups presents this new EP of holiday songs

Donna Lewis – Rooms With A View

26 January 2024 Waygate was thrilled to work with Donna Lewis on her amazing album "Rooms With A View". This album ‘Rooms With A View’ is a collaboration between celebrated singer and songwriter Donna Lewis and renowned electronic artist and producer Holmes Ives. The record documents Donna’s year long journey through breast cancer.


30 January 2024     Platinum-selling recording artist and world class guitarist new single "First Time Blues" with Joe Bonamassa      

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Artistic Mastering

Do no harm. No matter the style of music we will add just the right amount of processing to make the most musical audio master.

Technically Perfect Masters

When you are happy with the mastering, any file format will be created and QC’d for your perfect master.

The Gateway To Excellence

We use a blend of classic and new technology to achieve the highest quality sound. We will continue the excellence of Gateway Mastering.

Brian Lee, the first Gateway Mastering employee with 30 years of experience. He has mastered such artists Janet Jackson, RUSH, Gloria Estefan, Ozzy Osbourne and John Mellencamp just to name a few.




Bob Jackson, Gateway employee with 20 years of experience. He has been Bob Ludwig’s assistant since 2006.

Before Gateway he assisted mix engineer Tom Lord-Alge at South Beach Studios.



We owe everything to Bob and Gail Ludwig. They are family! Over the years we have worked closely with Bob Ludwig, in his room, on many diverse music projects learning his ways. As he will tell you “They know most of my tricks now”.

We have decided to put our decades of experience together and open our own studio, Waygate Mastering. While there most certainly will never be another Bob Ludwig, we are hoping that with all the years of training he has provided us we can offer you a similar “flavor” to your future projects. 30 years around Bob has given everything we need to succeed in the mastering world.